comes and goes (in waves)

All Harry wants is a bit of time away from the public eye,
but instead he falls in love with a girl who only has eyes for the ocean
(and not to mention – she doesn’t say word)

a story of a girl who doesn’t speak and a boy who would do just about anything to hear her voice

everyone was so sad in the reviews for the last chapter of bloom lmao i’m sorry i love u all if that counts for anything

Harry’s new Twitter icon






Best WWA tour moments: Harry [1/?]


Harry in Who We Are.

81/??? harry styles close-ups

Anonymous asked:
that chapter just made me bawl and I have a feeling all the chapters after this will make me cry some more 😭😭😭 and sometimes I forget how harry might be feeling like is he into this relationship with Rosie etc but that chapter just proved how much into the relationship he is cause he seems sooo sad I feel so sorry for him 😖

and i said:

He rly is :/ I love u thank u for reading